Exotic Car Rentals

Miami Exotic Car Rentals


Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder Roadster  $1250
Ferrari F430 Spider                                      $1100
Bentley Continental GTC                             $950
Mercedes AMG S63                                     $650


Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder Roadster | 520 hp V10 | MSRP:$230,000
The Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder Roadster is one of the coolest Lamborghinis developed. This is a convertible Lamborghini with red interior and nice shiny black exterior.This car not only looks beautiful on the outside but also is just beautiful on the inside. It has an aluminum body and space frame allowing it a better power to weight ratio. It is powered by a 520 hp 5.0-liter V-10 controlled by a six-speed manual transmission, which turns more heads than the red carpet.

Ferrari F430 Spider | 490 hp V8 | MSRP:$229,000
The F430 is a very clean design with its glass engine cover showing the 490hp V8 engine well contained in its beautiful custom design. The F430 is one of the most sought after exotic cars out there. With an MSRP higher than most houses in South Florida, driving it is a real experience.

Bentley Continental GTC | 600hp Twin-turbo | MSRP:$220,000
The Bentley Continental GTC is more than just a posh convertible. It’s a high-performance drop top that manages to provide every bit of luxury you’d expect in a traditional Bentley, only now with more attitude and agility. Four comfortable seats wrapped in high quality leather and a custom sound system that matches the red and black interior. The GTC is one of the smoothest luxury vehicles to drive.

Mercedes AMG S63 | 546HP 5.5L Veight-cylinder| MSRP:$145,000
The Mercedes AMG S63 gives you class as well as power. This vehicle is not missing out on any features and includes every advanced feature available in the market.

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